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Virginia Tech Mass Communication Problem Solved!

Virginia Tech Mass Communication Problem Solved!

In our current reality where most understudies are “wired”, not all understudies are “associated” simultaneously! Not all understudies are before their PC screens (or get email through phones, assuming they can) out of the blue.

Virginia Tech is enduring an onslaught for not announcing the viciousness to all understudies on time. The issue is the aggregate correspondence of all understudies nearby.
My answer for Virginia Tech’s mass correspondence issue: (This can work for any college, school, secondary school, center school, or association so far as that is concerned.)

red light admonition framework

Send a red light admonition framework nearby or school property. Make the light apparent! Put them on street lamps, strolling ways, open regions, and structures. Whenever an understudy or employee sees a red light, they should promptly stop, and get and scatter the vital data accommodated their assurance.

Assuming there is a red-light admonition, it will essentially permit understudies and staff to scrutinize its setting under the pretense that it should be vital. Staff, understudies, and the board can characterize or make their own news/data outlet that they consider sound (if not sensible).

(IE..campus radio/TV station news alert, crisis telephone recording/voice message, TV screen, email, etc…)

Could a red-light alarm framework have halted the Columbine slaughter, the Minnesota acts of mass violence, or the Amish misfortune? I can’t respond to that, however, I dare surmise… No! Yet, I figure the red light admonition after the principal shootout at Virginia Tech would have been even more strength as opposed to an interruption. Assuming the Chu saw the red lights and realized he could have been spotted, could he have run? Or then again assuming that others were following the circumstance and mindful of the circumstance, maybe…maybe…things might have been somewhat unique!
It may not be an ideal arrangement. In any case, it’s an arrangement.

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