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Top Female Tech Reviewers Youtube | Top 8 Dynamic List Of Female Tech Reviewers


You’ve heard of them. Top female tech reviewers youtube you may have even watched them in action. But have you ever thought about who these tech reviewers are? The women behind your favorite YouTube channels are some of the most influential voices on social media, and they’re making an impact as they talk up products while also shedding light on their personal lives.

So let’s take a closer look at some of YouTube’s best female tech reviewers—and why they’re so important to us all!



iJustine is a female tech reviewer who has been featured on CNN and ABC News. She has more than 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube and is considered one of the most influential tech reviewers in the world.

Her channel, which was created in 2010, has helped her grow to over two million followers as well as earning her the title “Queen of YouTube” by Forbes Magazine.

iJustine attended college at Georgia Tech where she received both a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering (BSCE) with Honors from Jacobs School Of Engineering at Georgia Institute Of Technology (GIT), Atlanta GA;

Masters Degree In Computer Science/Engineering From University Of California Berkeley Campus UC Berkeley CA (UCSB); MBA Candidate Emory University Goizueta Business School Atlanta GA #ENDWRITE


Marques Brownlee (MKBHD)

Marques Brownlee is a tech reviewer for MKBHD. He’s known for his YouTube channel, which has over 1 million subscribers and 120 million views as of this writing.

He started reviewing gadgets in 2013 and has since built up an impressive following that includes many notable YouTubers like Jake Paul and iJustine.

In addition to his YouTube channel, Marques is also one of the stars of the popular show “The Toy Box” on Viceland (a cable network).

The show gives him access to some of the best tech toys around—not just new ones but ones from decades ago too!



SoldierKnowsBest is a YouTube channel created by Martin Rösner, a German YouTuber. The channel has over 1.8 million subscribers and over 9 billion views, making it one of the most popular channels on YouTube.

It has also become very popular in Germany and overseas thanks to its wide variety of content ranging from action-packed videos to vlogs about everyday life and more serious topics such as politics or politics related topics like Brexit (Brexit) or Trump’s presidency.

So far which have been very controversial around Europe because they affect people’s lives here directly or indirectly through trade agreements made between nations who might not agree with each other but still want their businesses done with each other anyway…



UrAvgConsumer is a tech reviewer. She reviews gadgets, and she’s a female reviewer. Her YouTube channel has over 7 million subscribers and her website offers free content for readers who want to learn more about the products she reviews.

UrAvgConsumer is not professional but she does like to make fun of herself in front of the camera, which makes for entertaining videos if you’re into that sort of thing (I am).


Safiya Nygaard

Safi Nygaard is a tech YouTuber who has been on YouTube since 2009. She is known for her tech reviews and she has over 1 million subscribers.

She was born in the United States, but later moved to South Africa where she lived until 2016 when she moved back to the United States after marrying her husband Gabriel Nygaard (who also goes by G-Man). In 2017, Safi became pregnant with their first child together at age 31!


Linus Sebastian

Linus Sebastian is a tech reviewer on YouTube, with over 1 million followers. He reviews gadgets and tech products, including smartphones and laptops.

His channel is called Linus Tech Tips, where he helps people make informed decisions about the world of technology by providing tips for newbies as well as more experienced users.

Linus has a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin—so he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to computers!


Missy Lanning

Missy Lanning is a tech reviewer, producer and blogger. She’s also known as the co-host of The Screen Savers podcast and host of TechSNAP on TechCrunch.

Missy has been reviewing technology since 2003, when she first started her blog at TechWriterToday

Since then she has written for many different publications including PC Mag US, Wired UK, Trusted Reviews Australia and others..


Tanya Burr

Tanya Burr is a British YouTuber and makeup artist who has more than 10 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She’s also known for collaborating with brands like Maybelline, L’Oreal and Benefit. In addition to making beauty videos, Tanya also releases original songs under the name “BurrSong.”

She released her first single “I Don’t Want To Be Your Friend” in 2016 and followed it up with two more singles: “Trust Me” (2017) and “Can’t Do It Alone” (2018). Her debut album was released in early 2019 called All Night Long which includes collaborations with artists like Sam Smith & Ed Sheeran!


Takeaway youtube tech reviewer

So, you’re looking for the best female tech reviewers in YouTube. Well, this is where I’m going to show you.

These are the top female tech reviewers on YouTube and they’ve all been featured in one of my previous articles too! They cover topics like gaming, technology and more.

Some of them even do reviews for new products or gadgets that come out each year so it’s always a good idea to check them out when they come out with new content.



That’s it for our list of the top female tech reviewers on YouTube.

We hope this has been helpful for you and that you can find a new favorite reviewer to watch!


Thanks for visiting our website and reading this article … 

If you have any other ideas, feel free to share them in the comments below.



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