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Garena Free Fire Max Ob 35 Patch Notes | How do I update my Free Fire Max?



The 0.35.0 patch for Free Fire Max is available now! We’ve made some big changes to the game, including the new weapon, Ob 35 and more! Here are all the patch notes:


Ob 35 patch notes


The new update that was released on Jul 20, 2022 is called the “Free Fire Max” patch. The update brings many changes to the game, including:


New weapons and attachments (including mobile shields)

New vehicles, including tanks and planes


Free Fire Max for a new experience!


Free Fire Max is a new game mode in the game. It allows you to play with your friends and enjoy the action-packed experience of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered.


Free Fire Max has been created to give players an opportunity to battle against each other in different maps, modes and weapons as well as earn rewards for doing so.


New weapon update


The patch also includes a new weapon, which you can see in action below. The Garena Free Fire Max Ob 35 Patch Notes will be updated with more information about the patch soon.


New updates, events and more


As a new update for the game, there are a few things that you’ll want to know about.


New Events: There’s a new event called “Firefight” that will drop a few weapons and skins for your character. These can be found in the store tab under “Events”.


New Weapons: You’ll also find new weapons in this section as well as some new upgrades for them (like increased damage or fire rate). These are tracked by their names rather than having their own pages so it’s easy to see which ones have been added recently without having to look through every page individually!


The main highlight of the 0.35.0 update is that it introduces Free Fire Max to the emulator


The main highlight of the 0.35.0 update is that it introduces Free Fire Max to the emulator. You can now play Free Fire Max with all devices and platforms, including your PC or Mac, PS4 or Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android smartphones and tablets, iOS mobile devices and more!


The update also brings many new features:


New controls – improve your gameplay by adjusting controller settings according to your preferences;


Chat feature – communicate with other players during matches through private messages;


Radar view – see enemy positions on the battlefield in real time;




For those who want to get their hands on this new update, the good news is that it is available now on Steam and Garena. For those who are not familiar with Free Fire Max, it is a game that combines the best aspects of online shooters like CS:GO, PUBG and Fortnite Battle Royale. The aim of this game is to survive as long as possible while trying to kill other players in this colorful world by taking cover behind objects or hiding behind walls.


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